Wasley Law Office Testimonials

On this page you will find testimonials from former and current Wasley Law Office clients who turned to Mr. Wasley for help with their legal needs.

Phil Wasley provided support and knowledge when I did not know where to turn after committing my first crime in March 2019. Having never been through any legal trouble before, he was willingly open to answer any question of mine to help me understand the situation and make sure that it ran as smoothly as possible. Mr. Wasley provided expert tips and helped me achieve the best outcome possible for my crime. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a distinguished attorney to help them in their time of need!

-Chad McCoy

Our family had a legal issue in the LaGrande, OR area. Phil was most patient and thorough in helping us to resolve the situation.

-Gary Frutkoff

I used Philip Wasley to navigate my mother’s estate. Mr. Wasley really helped take away a lot of the worry, as we had to go through the court system to resolve my mother’s estate. Philip did a great job of explaining every step of the way. I felt confident in the work he provided me. He went above and beyond to get the job done. I highly recommend this fine lawyer.

-Henry Thompson

I was facing criminal charges and was in need of representation. Upon meeting with Mr. Wasley I retained his services and could not have made a better choice. Mr. Wasley is an outstanding, honorable, and trustworthy person. He is very well versed in the law and took the time to explain what I was about to face in court. He explained my options and what he thought was best but also listened to me and what my concerns were. He was genuinely interested in getting to know me and not just treating me like just another case. He took great care with my cases to ensure that everything was done, that could be done, on my behalf. I want to thank Mr. Wasley and Aubrey for their professionalism and kindness. I would not hesitate to retain Mr. Wasley’s services again if needed and of course would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again.”

–Shane Hubble

“To whom it may concern,

I’m writing this to let you know how Mr. Phillip Wasley has provided me with courteous and professional representation regarding a licensing matter. He handled my concerns with empathy and attention to detail. He knew exactly how to work with the courts to ensure I received the legal representation I deserved. Communication was always on time and clear.  I would highly recommend him.”

–Vaughn Winkler

“Mr. Philip Wasley was retained to represent myself on a civil matter and although he was unable to help me due to another attorney handling my case which I was unaware of he was honest and very helpful in letting me know that I had won the hearing and went over and above his requirements to fill me in on everything and to top it off he sent my money back. At this day and age it is hard to find such honestly in people but I would certainly hire Mr. Wasley again if I ever needed.”

–Robert Humiston

“I hired Phil Wasley to represent me in a very serious criminal case. He was a beam of hope to me and my family at a time when I felt like my options were very limited. While no one wishes to find they have a secret indictment, Phil’s knowledge and years of experience in criminal law helped and guided me through the court process successfully. I cannot possibly thank him enough for his empathy, professionalism and for being very attentive to my case.”

–Hannah Nguyen

“Over the course of several months I worked with Mr. Phil Wasley in regards to my Marijuana DUII case in La Grande, Oregon. Through phone contact leading up to the trial, I developed an understanding of his honesty and professionalism as well as a pervading earnestness that I inferred quickly. I felt confident I was being helped, well represented and given genuine attention. Regardless of the verdict, a client wants to believe that they are being represented well. During the trial I could not have been happier with Mr. Wasley’s demeanor and delivery. I felt he didn’t bore the jury and was clear and thorough. He also brought in two expert witnesses to testify on my behalf who were knowledgeable, qualified, and great people. They were of immense help in fortifying the case with depth and a human element that was genuine, something Phil embodied throughout the case. His secretary was studious and kind, his methods intelligent, regimented, and straightforward. Communication was easy and enjoyable, not arduous or burdensome. I would recommend Phil Wasley to anyone seeking legal counsel and hope our paths cross under different circumstances.”

–Miles Laven

“Phil Wasley is the first person I would contact with a legal question or problem. He was calm, confident, straight forward, knowledgeable, and honest. We were referred to Mr. Wasley’s office by the Oregon Bar Association when we requested a referral for a lawyer who dealt with filing lawsuits against municipalities. Phil predicted the process, the length of time, and the outcome with impressive accuracy. He helped me stay motivated to accomplish what I needed to and he did it in a professional and appropriate way. He carefully encouraged me to do the leg work I could to help keep the cost down. The back and forth with the city and finding witnesses took around 19 months, but he got them to pay us what they owed for the damage to our home. We were impressed by how economical it was to have him representing us for that long of a period. It was worth every dime and we appreciate his hard work and representation.”

–Ryan Zach

“Phil, thank you for handling my case.  You were professional, courteous, and responsive.  Being from out of state, you handled everything as if I were next door. You were timely with updates and resolutions.”

–Scott Ashbrook

“Phil expertly negotiated a great price for the sale of my farm land, patiently explaining all the details, which otherwise would have been overwhelming, and followed through in a timely manner every step the way.  He exceeded my expectations and made the process easy for me.  I highly recommend Phil to anyone looking for an attorney who works hard, respects your time and money, and takes care of business.”

–Mary Billerbeck

“I first learned of Phil Wasley was from an engineer who was helping me manage an issue with a tenant in a commercial building. The second time I enlisted Mr. Wasley’s help was regarding a difficult breach of contract issue. Both times I prevailed. Phil Wasley’s professionalism and forthright communication kept us on track in handling delicate situations in a small community.”

–Linda Haynes

“My case was so old, the court had trouble finding the records. It spanned decades, jurisdictions, and court systems. I did not believe anyone would be able to help me. I did not think it would be cleared up within my lifetime. Even though Phil contacted me at every stage to apprise me of the status, I was nevertheless stunned when he called me with the great news that he had resolved the matter forever. I am still in disbelief, but I will be eternally grateful. Thank you Phil Wasley!”


“Mr. Wasley is very professional and asked me good questions that were pertinent to the paperwork I was having him prepare. I am very pleased with the efficiency and accuracy of the prenuptial agreement I asked him to prepare.”

–Pat Bergey

“When I found myself in need of legal representation what I wanted most was the lawyer’s expertise and stress relief. Mr. Wasley’s calm demeanor and thorough knowledge of the law and the local politics gave me a calm assurance. After retaining him I was relaxed, having confidence the legal matter was managed to the best outcome possible.”

–Nancy Edwards

“He’s a great attorney. He will listen to what is happening and then he’ll give you the options. Reasonably priced too.”

-Mary Wise

“I would like to thank the team at Wasley Law Office. Phil and Aubrey are incredibly friendly, courteous, and professional. I would recommend them to anyone in need of experienced legal services. Phil is honest and straight forward, and provides great legal counsel. Thank you for the excellent legal service.”

-Ross Eoff

“Philip Wasley is not only a very good attorney, but he is also a good man. He goes the extra mile to help his clients get through painful and difficult legal matters that the common man or woman wouldn’t even know where to start when dealing with the law. I am so grateful that he has been on my side and helped me when it seemed for a while that I was going to lose. This is not the first time that he has blessed me with his knowledge and tenacious determination to right what is wrong in the legal system and I am so very thankful to know him.”

–Jeanne E. Smithe

“We have appreciated Phil’s work in representing us in our recent action involving the Oregon Land Use of Appeals. We particularly like his care in understanding the nuances of the situation, both from our point of view and also that of the City Council which passed the onerous legislation to which we objected. We were impressed with the amount of time in which he spent listening to us and answering questions. His communications with the respondent’s attorney alleviated potential misunderstandings and facilitated speed of action. Phil was prompt and businesslike in all actions that he undertook on our behalf. We look forward to having him represent us again.”

–Don & Gilberta Lieuallen

“In 2015, we had the opportunity to have Phil Wasley represent us in a civil jury trial, in which our side prevailed. I found Mr. Wasley to be very well informed and prepared. He did his research and contacted experts where needed. He presented the jury with clear and indisputable arguments, all of which helped us win our case. Should the need ever arise that I would need to hire and attorney, I would contact Phil Wasley for those needs.”

–Claudia & Dan Robbins

“I think Phil is the best attorney ever. He did a great job on my case. I would recommend him to anyone!”

–Jason Beers

“Phil Wasley is an outstanding attorney and a fine person with strong ethics. His knowledge of the law is beyond that of most attorneys and his insight and sense of strategy are keen. Perhaps Phil’s best quality, however, is his courage–he is not afraid to take on unpopular cases and guides his clients through even the most adverse circumstances. Phil represented me in a two-and-one-half-week jury trial where the Plaintiff was asking for $25 million in damages for conduct I did not commit. In the end, because of Phil’s representation, the jury saw through the Plaintiff’s claims and awarded her nothing.”

–Rob Davis

“We were overwhelmed at the beginning, never having dealt with a probate before. Through my job at Albertsons, I was given a referral for a probate lawyer in Beaverton, to whom I made an appointment. By the time I left their office, I was overwhelmed and even more stressed. Their office made it sound as if it would be really difficult to do this probate and would cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. They also made me feel like they didn’t have the time or interest to take this on. So frustrated, I called my Albertson’s contact center again, explaining that I felt I should be dealing with a lawyer based in Union County, where the property is located that is involved in probate. They then referred me to your office, and what a difference. You settled my mind at our first conversation, and was able to do the probate at a much more reasonable price and a lot less hassle on our end. The probate is now finished, and everyone is happy with the results. I would recommend your office to anyone needing assistance with probate or otherwise.”

–Becky Boettcher and the Stanton Family

“I’d only had a couple of drinks over the course of a couple of hours and I gave a friend a ride home because he was too drunk to drive. I was pulled over leaving his house because I stupidly did a u-turn and the cop decided I was drunk. Wasley was recommended by a friend as someone who knew what he was doing and would charge a reasonable fee. I wasn’t disappointed”

–Anonymous Client

“In a world where one move, whether intended or not, can land you in a legal battle, a multidisciplined and competent attorney is both needed and hard to find. Mr. Wasley has represented me in a land dispute, family law case, estate, and wills. A small issue gets complicated quickly, and the faster you get a fair, honest and reputable attorney on your team, the better off you will be. Call Mr. Wasley and you’ll be on your way to sorting out whatever your legal hassles may be.”

–Jeremiah Sprague

“My name is Kerri Rynearson and in October 2014, I needed a lawyer to help assist with my Aunt’s estate. I contacted Mr. Wasley, who was very friendly and personable, and explained my situation. I live on the other side of the country and needed someone to expedite this process without me being in town. I flew out there once to get the process started and that was it. Mr. Wasley and Aubrey, his legal assistant, were extremely helpful in explaining all the things I needed to know. They answered my questions I had without hesitation and they kept in constant contact throughout the process. I would recommend his services to anyone that needs a great lawyer.”

–Kerri Rynearson

“Mr. Wasley did an excellent job gathering and presenting evidence in my favor to the local D.A. and my case was dismissed a day before my trial date. I want to take this time to thank him for all he did on my behalf and would recommend him to anyone in need of Legal services.”

–Kyle M.

“Philip Wasley handled my civil litigation with expertise, dedication and professionalism. I particularly appreciate his common sense approach and expeditious handling of the problems and issues involved in my case; resulting in a favorable outcome that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Philip Wasley to anyone looking for excellent legal guidance.”

–Susan Pender

“I was referred to Philip Wasley by a close friend who had received legal service from Philip last year. He had significantly reduced the charges against him and I knew he was the person I wanted to hire. Philip was extremely knowledgeable about the law and was very honest with me about where I stood in my case. After several months the court was still not ready to hear our plea so Philip got it dismissed, by means of a civil compromise. I could not have asked for better results. My record is clean because I spent the extra money and got a great lawyer, rather than a public defender. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with his service and dedication to my case. I would recommend him to anyone that needs legal help.”

–Tyler McFarlane

“I was represented by Phil Wasley in a criminal case dating back to August of 2011. He did a superb job in representation and trial. Mr. Wasley was very courteous and intelligent in how he got me through a long extensive trial.”

–Ray Verbout

“When our father recently passed away without a will, we were not sure what to do. Being from out of town, we looked on the Oregon State Bar website and found Phil Wasley. Phil provided us with the information, guidance and services needed to help us maneuver through the closing of our dad’s estate. He listened to our concerns and questions and gave us timely sage advice. We appreciate his professionalism and would highly recommend Mr. Wasley.”

–Kevin and Kelli Hooey

“A great help! I was referred to Phil Wasley by another attorney that had helped me in a criminal possession case a year prior. The case resulted in criminal probation and a tarnished record. Phil was successful in having the district attorney and court agree to signing a motion to have my current criminal probation terminated 7 months early. Since I had been on probation I had been unemployed for 10 months, unable to join the military and unable to leave the State to seek employment elsewhere. My life was in dire need of help. Having Phil’s help has brightened my outlook on the situation. Thank you Phil.”

–Jason Whitley

“Mr. Wasley is a very professional, courteous lawyer and individual. He took great care with my case to ensure that everything was done that could be on my behalf. The times that I did have to go to court he was always early and available for any questions that I may have had before and after the proceedings. Another great advantage was how well he seemed to be known. During the entire duration of my case he was always in contact with updated court information as soon as he received it. Also, his secretary is a pleasure to work with. My overall experience with Mr. Wasley would be a ten out of ten even considering my circumstances.”

–Christopher Cranfill