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Located in downtown Eugene, Oregon, Wasley Law Office, PC, specializes in Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense, Business Law, Probate, and Real Estate Law. We serve Lane County and all of Oregon.

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Phil has been a member of the Oregon State Bar since 1994 and has actively practiced law for the past 25 years. Wasley Law Office was founded in 1999 by Philip Wasley with the vision of helping clients understand and resolve their legal issues.

Wasley Law Office specializes in these legal services:

Civil Litigation

Civil law refers to that branch of law dealing with disputes between individuals and/or organizations of matters that involve private rights and liabilities. Although we have extensive experience in civil litigation, we also work with the disputant to try to resolve conflicts before litigation becomes necessary. It is often helpful to be well versed in a variety of legal areas when it comes to civil law as disputes are often complex and may involve contract law, administrative law, real estate law, land use, etc.

Criminal Defense

It has been said that perhaps the greatest calamity that can befall a human being in our society is to be charged with a criminal offense. Based on mere accusations, the government, through the machinery of criminal prosecution, focuses its formidable powers against the individual. Amassed against the accused will be the prosecutor, the police and often times the general public.

The process may rend apart the accused’s family, alienate his friends and destroy his own feelings of self worth. He will be forced to undergo public proceedings, many of which he may not understand, and in which the prosecution will constantly point the accusatory finger as if to say ‘By his deeds, he is no longer one of us.’

Very often the stakes are high. A judgment against the accused may require him to forfeit his property, his freedom, even his life. Into this breach steps defense counsel.

Sworn to protect the client’s interests to the best defense the law will allow no matter what the personal costs. Armed with little more than his wits and his knowledge of the criminal law, he will become the voice through which the accused will, in effect, do battle with the awesome powers of his own government. Our adversary system requires no less than that defense counsel become a “brother in arms” to the accused in this battle.

Defense counsel must be prepared to stand and fight for his client against public outcry; he must stand and fight for his client throughout his trial; and he must stand and fight for his client at the time final judgment is entered. Such a system is not efficient. It is not designed for ‘swift justice.’ Indeed, some would say that it is not designed for ‘justice’ at all.

Defend and protect your rights! Altercations with the law happen, and unfortunately, the court system is not generally navigable to the average person. The police are here to serve and protect you but sometimes they cut corners. Although hiring an attorney may be expensive, the value of having someone on your side who knows the court system is profoundly important and in many cases, attorneys can negotiate with the district attorney to reduce your offense to a lower degree, not to mention the savings you will receive in the value of peace of mind. We can help you with almost all your criminal defense needs whether it be a felony, misdemeanor, DUII, driving suspension hearing, or expunging your record. We have extensive jury trial experience and are unafraid of taking your case to trial.

Business Law

We can help you decide which kind of business best fits your needs and then create your company. Businesses have a wide range of needs. We regularly review and draft a wide variety of contracts and agreements for a multitude of businesses from sole proprietorships to multi-million dollar corporations.


Probate is the legal process of settling the estate of a deceased person, specifically resolving claims and distributing the decedent’s property either in accordance with a will or to the decedent’s heirs by intestate succession. Probate is necessary to:

  • Settle disputes between people who may claim they are entitled to assets of the deceased person.

  • Collect debts owed to the deceased person.

  • Resolve any disputes about the validity of the deceased person’s will.

  • Clear title to real property, stocks and bonds, or bank accounts that were held in the name of the deceased person only, and change the title of these assets to the names of the rightful beneficiaries.

Real Estate Law

We can provide helpful information and assistance in a number of areas of real estate law and real estate transactions from reviewing or preparing documents for real property contracts, preparing deeds, conveyances, and other property agreements such as easements or water right allocations.

“My name is Kerri Rynearson and in October 2014, I needed a lawyer to help assist with my Aunt’s estate. I contacted Mr. Wasley, who was very friendly and personable, and explained my situation. I live on the other side of the country and needed someone to expedite this process without me being in town. I flew out there once to get the process started and that was it. Mr. Wasley and Aubrey, his legal assistant, were extremely helpful in explaining all the things I needed to know. They answered my questions I had without hesitation and they kept in constant contact throughout the process. I would recommend his services to anyone that needs a great lawyer.”–Kerri Rynearson
“In a world where one move, whether intended or not, can land you in a legal battle, a multidisciplined and competent attorney is both needed and hard to find. Mr. Wasley has represented me in a land dispute, family law case, estate, and wills. A small issue gets complicated quickly, and the faster you get a fair, honest and reputable attorney on your team, the better off you will be. Call Mr. Wasley and you’ll be on your way to sorting out whatever your legal hassles may be.”–Jeremiah Sprague
“Phil Wasley is an outstanding attorney and a fine person with strong ethics. His knowledge of the law is beyond that of most attorneys and his insight and sense of strategy are keen. Perhaps Phil’s best quality, however, is his courage–he is not afraid to take on unpopular cases and guides his clients through even the most adverse circumstances. Phil represented me in a two-and-one-half-week jury trial where the Plaintiff was asking for $25 million in damages for conduct I did not commit. In the end, because of Phil’s representation, the jury saw through the Plaintiff’s claims and awarded her nothing.”–Rob Davis
“We have appreciated Phil’s work in representing us in our recent action involving the Oregon Land Use of Appeals. We particularly like his care in understanding the nuances of the situation, both from our point of view and also that of the City Council which passed the onerous legislation to which we objected. We were impressed with the amount of time in which he spent listening to us and answering questions. His communications with the respondent’s attorney alleviated potential misunderstandings and facilitated speed of action. Phil was prompt and businesslike in all actions that he undertook on our behalf. We look forward to having him represent us again.”–Don & Gilberta Lieuallen
“A great help! I was referred to Phil Wasley by another attorney that had helped me in a criminal possession case a year prior. The case resulted in criminal probation and a tarnished record. Phil was successful in having the district attorney and court agree to signing a motion to have my current criminal probation terminated 7 months early. Since I had been on probation I had been unemployed for 10 months, unable to join the military and unable to leave the State to seek employment elsewhere. My life was in dire need of help. Having Phil’s help has brightened my outlook on the situation. Thank you Phil.”–Jason Whitley
“Philip Wasley handled my civil litigation with expertise, dedication and professionalism. I particularly appreciate his common sense approach and expeditious handling of the problems and issues involved in my case; resulting in a favorable outcome that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Philip Wasley to anyone looking for excellent legal guidance.”–Susan Pender
“To whom it may concern, I'm writing this to let you know how Mr. Phillip Wasley has provided me with courteous and professional representation regarding a licensing matter. He handled my concerns with empathy and attention to detail. He knew exactly how to work with the courts to ensure I received the legal representation I deserved. Communication was always on time and clear. I would highly recommend him.”–Vaughn Winkler
"I was facing criminal charges and was in need of representation. Upon meeting with Mr. Wasley I retained his services and could not have made a better choice. Mr. Wasley is an outstanding, honorable, and trustworthy person. He is very well versed in the law and took the time to explain what I was about to face in court. He explained my options and what he thought was best but also listened to me and what my concerns were. He was genuinely interested in getting to know me and not just treating me like just another case. He took great care with my cases to ensure that everything was done, that could be done, on my behalf. I want to thank Mr. Wasley and Aubrey for their professionalism and kindness. I would not hesitate to retain Mr. Wasley's services again if needed and of course would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again.”–Shane Hubble

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We also regularly help clients with issues pertaining to:

  • Administrative and Governmental Law
  • Collection Disputes
  • Construction Law
  • Conservatorships
  • Consumer Rights and Laws
  • Contract Review and Preparation
  • Easements
  • Estate Planning
  • Expungements
  • Guardianships
  • Liens
  • Land Use Law
  • Power of Attorney
  • Property Damage
  • Water Rights and Law
  • Wind Energy Contracts
  • Wills

Phil has successfully argued in front of the Oregon Court of Appeals and the Land Use Board of Appeals. He has effectively negotiated a myriad of legal disputes for his clients. His practice ranges from standing up for your rights when you have been arrested to negotiating business transactions, drawing up contracts, taking on large corporations, and handling your probate and estate planning needs. His clients repeatedly come back to him with varying legal issues and his vast legal experience and background allow him to help each client with their changing needs. He is an accomplished attorney who has extensive knowledge and experience in a diverse range of law.

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